Qigong Chikung | Qigong Wushu – What Is It About?

Qigong ChiKung What Is It?

Qigong ChiKung is direct translation from these two traditional Chinese Characters “氣功”.  In the olden days, the Character “氣” was not written this way. The correct character should be written in this way: “炁”!

Qigong Chikung Qi character in Chinese

Qigong ChiKung both have the same meaning. The spelling of “Qigong” is coming from the modern Pinyin or Hanyu Pinyin system. The Spelling of “ChiKung” is coming from the Wade-Giles. (An old system of Romanization for Mandarin Chinese)

Qi gong Chi kung means:

So, Qi gong Chi kung mean the same thing. A Chinese Character has different meanings depending on the ways were used. Here the Qi in Qigong means Life Energy and the Gong means function or power. With combine Qi Qong Chi kung together, Qigong Chikung is:  “Function or Power of the Life Energy.”

Cultivate and running the Qi in our body in a correct way can help balance the Yin and Yang to achieve harmony and well-being of our body, mind and spirit.

Qi gong has been practised for thousands of years in China.

Anyone who can inhale and exhale can practice Qigong Chikung. In fact everyone, at any moment is breathing, so it is considered Qigong already. However, we do not cultivate and running the Qi in our body in a correct way. That is why we are only surviving.

If we are able to cultivate and running the Qi in our body in a correct way, healthier body and mind then follow. When someone cultivates the Qi to certain level in the body, they are able to emit them out of their body to give healing function to another person or Qi recipient.

There are different kinds of Qi gong Chikung, not to mention about the different schools of practice. There are Hard-Qigong, Soft-Qigong, General-Qigong, and functional-Qigong.

1. Hard Qigong Chikung is to practice with WuShu, Kungfu or Martial Art. The following clip shows Hard Qigong.

2. Soft Qigong is to practice with Tai Chi like slow movements, breathing and meditation. These gentle exercises enhance spiritual, mental, and physical health.

This clip is a very good Soft Qigong exercise:

3. General Qigong is very much like Soft Qigong. General Qigong is to practice with slow movements, meditation with breathings.

4. Functional Qigong is a set of routines to improve certain areas or function of our body. Regular practice certain routines of Qigong Chikung exercises can improve hay fever symptoms, man’s sexual function and enjoyment….

Here in this site, functional-Qigong will be promoted, especially Qi gong for man to improve their sexually endurance, to get rid of PE (premature ejaculation) and enjoy better sex life.

Nowadays, more and more people practice soft Qigong and functional Qigong to improve their health and well-being.

Qigong Chikung is the best medicine. It has no side effect. Cultivate and running the Qi in our body in a correct way, it helps boost up our immune system.

The Qi in a Qigong Master or Sifu can be transferred or emitted to another body for healing. It is called Qigong healing or Qi Emission Treatment.

Qi gong healing or Qi Emission Treatment can help increase the life energy (the Qi) in our body. For long term benefit, one must practice Qigong regularly cultivate their own Qi. Daily practice is ultra-important. Ideally, practice Qigong exercise 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.

In order to achieve faster results, every set of movements must repeatedly practice for at least 5 minutes or more. And with mediation, 20 minutes is the minimum requirement with each practice.

Learning Qi-gong Chikung is to learn to activate one’s original Qi and make it runs in our body in a correct way. It is advisable to follow a good Qi gong master or Qi gong Sifu. After learning and practising Qi Gong for about three months, one might experience better health.

Hope everyone can practice Qi Gong Chikung and benefit from it.


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