Qigong Male Sexual Performance and Man Ejaculation Frequency

Qigong male sexual performance and man Ejaculation Frequency seems do not mix. However, after you have finished reading this article, you can get some idea why Qigong male sexual performance and Man Ejaculation Frequency tie together.

According to an ancient Chinese text book called “素女經”, (Classic of the Plain Girl), in Chapter 19 (The text in Chinese), it provided some important guidelines on man’s age and health or sex performance versus frequency of ejaculation. To maintain good health it advices that the followings:

Qigong male sexual performance
With the above information, with good health, for example, men at forty years old should be able to enjoy sex every three days. With weak health, it takes an extra day to recover a man’s sexual performance or function.

Qigong male sexual performance

You can look up the number of days versus your age for yourself to give an indication of your sexual health status.

If you fall in the weak health column, you need to look after your health.

You need to look at your diets.
You need to look at your habits.
You need to look at your sleep hours.
Are you smoking too much?
Are you drinking (coffee, alcohol) too much?
Are you getting a lot stress at work?
Are you exercising enough?

There is another concept here too. The frequency of Ejaculation match with your age, it does not mean you can last long. Some men ejaculate within a minute. It is called premature ejaculation (PE). According to researches show that premature ejaculation is the most common sexual problem in men. Well, Occasionally losing control is normal. However if it happens often, you really need to seek help.

PE Treatments are including exercises, therapy and drugs.

It is highly recommend taking naturally healing using Qigong exercises for men. Qigong exercises for men can improve men sexual performance, such as harder, reduce premature ejaculations and extend the time of enjoying sex.

If you like to improve your health using natural Qigong exercise healing method, you come to the right place. Qigong class for men is available.

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