Qigong Healing | Qi Emission Qigong Healing

Qigong Healing and Qi Emission Qigong Healing

Qigong healing has long history in China. There are 2 major types of Qigong healing exist today, Self-Qi activation Qigong healing and Qi Emission Qigong Healing.

The first type Self-Qi activation Qigong healing is a person practice Qigong exercises, cultivate and running the Qi in their body in a correct way. By doing this, it can help balance the Yin and Yang to achieve harmony and wellbeing of someone’s body, mind and spirit. Hence it is called self-Qi activation Qigong healing. When cultivating the Qi through Qigong exercises, some qigong movements may be going into involuntary movements to direct the Qi to the necessary areas or parts of our body to perform the healing.
Lao gong acupuncture point - Qigong healing

The second type of Qigong healing is a person receiving Qi from a Qigong master or practitioner who has been practising Qigong for years. And the Qigong master has excess Qi and is able to emit his Qi out of his body to heal someone else. It is called Qi Emission Qigong Healing.
In Qi Emission Qigong Healing, one of the ways is that the Qigong master or sifu can emit Qi thought their palms. The (勞工穴Láo gong) acupuncture points on the centre of the palms are the outlets and is belonged to Heart Channel of Hand Meridian Line.

Have you ever wondered why a new born always hold their fingers to form the fists? With the above theory, you now understand, in human nature, the new born does not want the Qi to lose through the Láo gong acupuncture points.

Some Qigong Sifu or Masters emit Qi via their fingers tips using acupuncture needles as conductor. The Qigong masters can emit some QI (energy), like electricity to a Qi recipient. By receiving positive Qi or energy from a Qigong master, the body or certain body areas of a recipient can benefit from these Qi to improve health and wellbeing.

Our Qigong healing exercises is to activate and cultivate your own Qi and running the Qi in your body in a correct way. As results, this set of routines of Qigong for men can help increase blood flow to your vital organ and improve your performance and better enjoyment in your sex life.

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